A.1. Drafting, Workshop drawings preparation, evaluation & assessment.

            Edgewood Tahoe offers massive cad drafting packages for various construction aspects and contractors for the Consultant’s approval, implementation and site executions. An expected result out of the true understanding of requirements and specifications! With a high focus on details boosting your project’s understanding to your staff and other parties. Through clear & quick information transmission, via render based on scientifically engineered analysis.  

We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our ability to deliver results to clients. We have proven a methodology to complete our drafting service projects on time. We blend the perfect mix of human capital and technology to effect an affordable drafting service delivery model.

We are specialized in Drafting & Workshop drawings productions, for:

Architectural, Structural and MEP including LV, and low current subcontractors, Major Category of steelworks, special Façade cladding systems, and special finishing elements internally & externally.

A.2. Fabrication, Production drawings preparation.

Edgewood Tahoe produces a significant break-down to elements in detailed annotations for the purpose of production & fabrication, for metal works (Steel & Aluminum), façade elements, cladding systems, either sourced from IFC drawings or BIM platform, similarly for other aspects of Construction works, MEP, Structural, and final finish items.

A.3. Coordinated Drawings production.

       Edgewood Tahoe conducts Architectural, structural and MEP Coordination services, and coordinated facades, RCPs, & other Coordination services represented through coordinated Drawings, or coordinated models, both by BIM models or conventional coordination methodologies via cad, for particular integrated scopes with other construction trades, and this type of service is on-demand during various phases of design and construction phases as well.

Serving a category of façade works subcontractors, MEP Subcontractors, Low current subcontractors, PA/BGM subcontractors and audio/visual systems subcontractors, to integrate their final finish and final allocations of devices in respect to other existing/ or approved / or settled allocations of adjacent final finishes & devices, through a simplified product of coordinated drawings & models.

A.4. Structural Calculations.

       Edgewood Tahoe offers task-based Structural Calculations, for a major category of subcontractors, specifically for steel structures subcontractors & Tensile shades Structures, for the Steel design of their structure systems, and various shading systems, including loads, foundations, anchoring. Etc. In addition, to the significant category of Low current subcontractors & MEP subcontractors who require structural load calculations of their devices on existing reinforced concrete structures on a task-based basis.